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Welcome to Redwood Coast  Village


NOTE TO REDWOOD COAST VILLAGE MEMBERS:  You  can access your own profile and see member-only information by clicking on the "Member Login" in the upper right corner of this page (the Home Page).  For more information about logging in click here.



We are a member-run, volunteer-based organization.  Our members are Humboldt County residents ages 50 and older.  Our volunteers come from all age groups and walks of life.  We coordinate matching members' needs with volunteers' services, disseminate information from member recommendations, and help to ensure high quality in all that we do.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Services are contingent upon interest in membership and volunteering.  We are currently seeking membership from Big Lagoon to Carlotta.  Click here for a list of areas.


Redwood Coast Village is a program of the Area 1 Agency on Aging, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We will become an independent nonprofit in mid-2017.


Services have begun from Big Lagoon to Eureka.  
Outreach for members and volunteers has started to Fortuna and surrounding communities.


Our Vision:

Members can call the central number (707-442-3763, ext 217) to request assistance with:

  • Going your Way - Transportation to appointments, shopping, social activities and more

  • "Helping Hands" for light fix-it jobs, occasional pet care, and help with home technology

  • Member Recommended Businesses: lists of plumbers, caregivers, gardeners, etc.

  • A social bulletin board for events and activities

  • "One phone call" help with RCV services and referrals to other agencies

  • Check-in phone calls

We are a grassroots, member driven group, creating the future we want to live in.  


MEMBERSHIP QUICK FACTS:  (Please see the Become a Member page for more information.)

  • RCV membership is open to Humboldt County residents age 50 and older who reside in an area where services are available.

  • Applying for membership includes filling out an application and attending an orientation.

  • Fees are due only after your application is approved.

  • All members have to the opportunity to also volunteer.

  • Partial scholarships for membership fees are available.

Thanks for visiting and welcome to the Redwood Coast Village website.